Why you Should Leave Garage Door Springs to the Pros

Most people don’t think about their garage doors until they stop working. The doors often stop working because of the garage door springs. They are tightly wound and under a lot of tension, so you should never try to replace them yourself.

Some of the parts involved in replacing garage door springs can cause life-threatening injuries if not removed carefully. That’s why you should always call a professional to replace them rather than trying to do it yourself.

What are garage door springs?

Garage doors have two different types of springs. Torsion springs go above the closed door, and the extension springs are on the upper tracks on the sides of the door.

The springs on garage doors are wound tightly to add tension on the door so it will lift. If they snap when someone is nearby, they can cause serious injury. That’s why you should always leave it to the professionals to get them fixed.

garage door springs
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Before you call a professional

If you notice that your garage door spring is squeaky, you might just need to add some lubrication. Make sure you don’t touch the springs when lubricating them.

If you lubricate the spring with a silicone lubricant and it’s still noisy, it’s time to call in a technician who can replace the springs for you.

Why do you need a technician to replace garage door springs?

A garage door can weigh over 35 stone, and springs lift the entire weight. That means that the strength and tension of these springs is huge. Imagine a spring whipping towards you after being under that much tension – it could cause serious, or even fatal injury. Don’t put yourself at risk for a relatively cheap job.

If you call a professional technician they will:

  • Ensure that they fit the correct size spring
  • Install the springs with the right tension
  • Know how to install the springs safely
  • Properly wind the torsion springs to avoid problems
  • Ensure that the garage door is properly balanced

If you think you need your garage door springs replaced, don’t try to attempt the job yourself. Get quotes to find the best garage door technician to replace your springs.

Emily Rivers

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